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Waterbom bali

Waterbom by Alexandra, aged 12

These waterslides are THE BEST in Asia so they definitely deserve a day of your week. From thrill seeking rides to the Lazy River, it has it all covered and it is SO clean everywhere. If travelling with little bandits, the kids pool is perfect. With multiple slides and a big, tipping water bucket, it is in a great location - near the Ready to Eat corner and just a short stroll from the big rides. The kids pool has up to four lifeguards on duty and is very well supervised. For your slightly bigger bandits (and grown ups too), the rides are really fun and not too scary. As for recommendations, for the older children is definitely the Twin Races to do with sibling or friends. It involves some SERIOUSLY AWESOME and thrill seeking slides to race each other on. The Lazy River is perfect for tired adults and bandits, it's super relaxing yet fun too. We especially loved the times when the water shot out of the side walls, very quickly!!

As well as all the rides there are lots of non water based activities. The restaurants have great food to offer (gluten free included) for a reasonable price and there are plenty of ice cream stands - most important! Also, there are multiple massage centres and nail salons for those who fancy a bit of a pamper!!

Waterbom Bali is super awesome for Bandits of ALL ages!

Bondi Bandits top tips:

-Make sure you get there early, sun loungers are a must in the hot weather. Also, the queues for the rides get long as it is so popular so make sure you get to do your favourites and suss out the best ones out to queue up for.

-If you are travelling with a large group or people or family, renting a cabana is a very good idea. They are in great locations and offer lots of shade and space to relax. If travelling with small groups getting there early is essential to finding sun loungers to make yourself at home.

-Don’t bring any food or water. The staff at the front gate will search your bags and confiscate any snacks you have brought in. Luckily they return them at the end of the day but better safe than sorry!!

-Do all of the rides first to suss out your favourites! That way when there are queues you know the best ones to go on.

-Getting a locker is a great idea for any loose or valuable items you don’t want to lug around. If you have younger kids there are some situated by the kids pool as well as all around the cafe areas.

Open: 9am till 6pm

Address: Jalan Kartika, Tuban, Kuta

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